Colisée Pepsi, Quebec City, Canada
November 18th 2006

volcano62's Review

"It was a magical evening."
-Axl at the end of the show

Indeed! Very magical!

We arrived at 8:30 and the place was already packed. We missed Die Mannequin, and just as we arrived, Suicide Girls started their show. It was interesting, but a bit repetitive near the end. Anyway Quebec City girls > Suicide Girls.

Then Bach played for more than 1 hour, a little bit too long if you ask me. We had a good time, though. Not because of the quality of the show, but because of all the 80's clichés. Yes, I used to like Skid Row, but when I was 15. The crowd was really into it though, so much that Baz didn't seem to believe it. Oh yeah, and he speaks French.

GN'R finally started the show at 11:50. I won't talk too much about the setlist or Axl's shoes, because we already know about it. Since I've already seen the band many times before, I thought it wouldn't be as special as the previous shows, but no, it was as good, if not better. I won't complain about the setlist, it just rocked, and the crowd really liked it. That was probably the best crowd I've seen at a GN'R show, it was insane. Really loud crowd. And we got Down on the Farm!

Early in the show, Axl said something like "Good evening Montreal". Then the crowd booed (because of the Montreal-Quebec City rivalry), and Axl smiled and said "I was kidding". During a song someone in the crowd had a sign with something written on it, and Axl asked him to hand it to him. He then showed it to the crowd, and it was written "Axl comeback to Montreal (NYC guy)". He said he would look into it.

Axl was in a really good mood, smiling all evening. It was great to see him like that. And his voice was great. All my friends were seeing the band for the first time, and they were very impressed by the quality of the show and the new band members. Bumblefoot was funny with his fur hat! Welcome to the North!

At one point, Axl said something like "If I don't have a good behavior tonight, you can send me to the penalty box with the Suicide Girls".

I usually agree that there's too much solo spots during the show, but Robin's solo was awesome! He got the help of Frank and Dizzy, and he played a really cool bluesy solo, very Led Zeppelin-ish. Thal's Don't Cry was great too.

I.R.S. kicked ass! This song is much better live. I can't say the same about Better though. It is one of my favorite new songs, but for some reason, it's not so good live. But I still enjoyed it. And they didn't play Madagascar.

They finished the show past 2 AM, and the crowd was asking for more. I didn't see anybody leave before the end. Eveybody left happy.

By the way, I read in the newspaper this morning that Axl had a roast duck dinner before the show.