Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, Glasgow, Scotland
July 21st 2006

Shaun Kenny's Review

I seen GN'R in Glasgow last year at the SECC , The show was good but the bad thing was waiting for 2 hours to see GN'R.

Here's what happened

Towers Of London

Towers Of London began their set at 6:30 . Everybody in the audience were reacting good to this because it was a good opener for G'N'R, l thought they were ok even though l had never heard of them or their music, They did a punk version of Lynrd Skynard's (Freebird) which was pretty cool as most of of the audience knew the song they played till 7:15 so that meant they had to go off because it would take 15 minutes to set up for Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine l thought were actually shit because most of their music was thrash metal, there were only few fans of theirs at the show but most were there for G'N'R , they played nearly all their songs from their album The Poison, the sound they were making was actually just a noise with their screaming and guitars echoing, when they finished their set Matt Tuck threw plastic bottles of water into the crowd, Matt also threw some of his plecktrums , l got one of them which has a crucifix on it and says " PickBoy" . l still have but dunno where it is .They finsihed at 8:30 and G'N'R were next

Waiting For GN'R

Waiting for GN'R to turn up on stage was a total nightmare, fans were screaming ,booing and throwing things at the stage. Some people were chanting the words "Axl Rose your a wanker" it was really unfair for everybody standing in a boiling arena waiting for G'N'R , the crew were setting up the stage for G'N'R , at 1 point a member of the crew picked up a guitar and walked to the front of the stage and started playing, everybody were calling him "Sideshow Bob" because he has the same hairstyle as him, anyway at 9:55pm l was standing waiting for G'N'R to come on, next minute the lights went out and everybody were going nuts , There was a creepy them being played and everybody knew this is them coming on now, l couldnt wait even though you could only hear the creepy music you could tell G'N'R were ready. a few minutes later Robin Finkc blasted out the opening riffs to Welcome To The Jungle, everybody went nuts but when Axl screamed "YOU KNOW WHERE THE FUCK YOU ARE" that made the place erupt.


GN'R's set was excellent they played a lot of the old songs and some new ones, I can remember when Robin played a solo he messed it up and Axl then asked him "can you play the fuckin guitar?" , Everybody laughed at Robin but he didnt seem to care about what the audience was thinking, Axl was in a really good mood he cracked jokes thoughout the show he even wore the Scottish Rampant flag someone threw onstage for him. he was in really good spirits, I remember during Patience Axl was right in front of me l shouted to him and he winked and smiled back at me, That was my claim to fame. The new G'N'R rocked Glasgow that night and l'll hopefully see them the next time they play.