Sazka Arena, Prague, Czech Republic
June 13th 2006

Zombux's Review

damn I just got back from Prague, I witnessed fucking great show! I really hope someone managed to bootleg it because it was almost flawless nod

I met gnrseb before the show, it was nice to meet you man cool

about Avenged Sevenfold, I better forget that something like this even exists, it was absolute crap.

then Sebastian Bach stormed the stage and everything was fine, he played most hits by Skid Row, and both band and crowd really enjoyed it, they were in good mood and I just regret they didn't get more time, I'd kick out A7X and give this band more time, they need it wink

about GNR, the performance was better I even expected. the guys were really like a band, they were so tight and played the fuck of all of the songs. I like the fact that they weren't acting like stupid arrogant rockstars but they just enjoyed the show and were always smiling - fucking cool band big grin and there was Axl Rose. his mike mix was maybe not enough loud, so sometimes it was harder to hear him, but his voice was perfect. maybe it was the mix, but it seemed to me that he's singing everything much higher than at the previous gigs.

there were some fuckers calling Slash, Axl ranted at one of them and told him just to fuck off big grin

all songs were played really perfectly, maybe Ron's guitar wasn't as loud as needed and his leads weren't so clear, but who fucking cares when the whole arena was singing every single song with the band!

Sebastian Bach joined at My Michelle, and then, Izzy appeared on the stage, the band morphed into many-headed hydra and destroyed everything in the way. it was just blasting. he joined the band for Think About You, Patience, Nightrain and then Paradise City. it seemed like Izzy never left the band, he seemed to be so happy and the band was in great mood as well, it just seemed like GNR have 4 guitar players and it will be so forever big grin

they played four of the new songs - Better, The Blues, Chinese Democracy and IRS (in this order), they did some blues jam or what during every time the piano was moving forth and back, and Axl enjoyed some Fucking off in G unibrow that was great.

I was impressed by every musician on the stage. especially Robin Finck really seemed to enjoy every note.

well I'm tired as fuck, I'm not that young anymore, I have to get some rest now. I got some photos at my cell phone, hopefully they're not as shitty as I think they are disgusted

rock on people!


a few more pieces:

at the end of the show, Axl mistakenly screamed "Czechoslovakia, good fucking night!" - oh well, this fucking country is called Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia doesn't exist for 13 years, they could finally get used to this fact paranoid

I just copied some photos from the cellphone, they're tiny but some of them are pretty good, let's see what can I do with them, 352x288 resolution sucks but some of them are watchable. anyway, a bunch of much better czech photos are on the way so maybe I'll include these then.

the security was very tight, they scanned everything and as far as I know, many cameras or whatever were confiscated. but still some people were able to sneak in with cameras because I could see some flashes. however I'm not sure about any bootleg, many people recorded at least something at their mobile phones but... you know the quality puking

I have to appreciate the band's mood again, they seemed to be very happy, always doing some gestures to the fans, smiled at the crowd, that was amazing! I have never seen this kind of behaviour, most bands are acting like fucking proud rockstars. this is just completely different.

sometimes I got the feeling that Axl looks very old in the face - hell who doesn't look old in 40's, but he was running at the stage like in the old times

Robin is the most interesting stage performer I ever seen, he was always doing some weird figures, maybe artistic maybe stupid, I'm not to judge this, I pretty liked it, even if it seems he has to fall and kill himself at the stage big grin

Brain did a short solo, I think before Nightrain

members of Red Hot Chili Peppers (they are performing today, a day after GNR) were seen behind the stage right before the show, I could easily recognize Anthony Kiedis, maybe discussing with some GNR members, I couldn't see them all too well... he was smiling anyway smile