John Labatt Centre, London, Canada
November 30th 2002

Extra security ordered for GNR concert
- Joe Matyas, London Free Press

The John Labatt Centre will have extra security for tonight's Guns N' Roses concert, but not because the group sparked a riot in Vancouver on Nov. 7.

It's normal for an entertainment venue to have heavier security for a rock concert than a pop event, general manager Brian Ohl said yesterday.

"The security is different for a Guns N' Roses than it is for the Righteous Brothers.

"We look at each act individually and decide what's appropriate based on what kind of group it is and what kind of history it has."

Ohl said he's not worried there will be a recurrence of the Vancouver trouble. He said that was the first date on the tour and there hasn't been any other bad news since.

Angry fans using metal barriers to smash windows rioted for an hour outside downtown Vancouver's GM Place after it was announced the Guns N' Roses show had been cancelled because lead singer Axl Rose hadn't arrived in the city.

A band official later said poor weather delayed Rose's scheduled flight from Los Angeles.

The singer said he was in the air and on the way when GM Place cancelled the show.

Ohl said concert contracts are detailed documents providing protection for both venues and performers for failure to live up to commitments.

He said he's not worried about a no-show in London, considering Guns N' Roses has played 10 dates since Vancouver.

"I'll be concerned if they don't show in Toronto, but that's not likely to happen.

"I've been in this business for a long time and cancellations on the day of a performance are rare."

A sellout is expected by concert time but Ohl said a few tickets may still be available from a final block of $79 seats released yesterday.