Mark Of The Quad Cities, Moline, IL
November 17th 2002

ravensjacket29's Review

ok im back and im just going to run through some things real quick and then add my inputs at the end:

the setlist what i could remember was:

Think About You
Fink Solo 1
You Could Be Mine
Buckethead Solo
November Rain
My Michelle
Out Ta Get Me
The Blues
Chinese Democracy
Fink Solo 2
Paradise City


- after Brownstone and before LALD Axl has a rant saying "Some people here tonight think that they are an uknowon power.. and will gain power by ruining the show for everyone. Alot of people spent a good amount of money to be here. Dont ruin it"

- Band intro before Finks second solo

- during You Could Be Mine, Axl ran to the front of the stage and made a hand gesture which caused one of his rings on his left hand to fly into the audience right in front of him.. Axl called Earl over and asked for the guy to give his ring to Earl, but i guess Earl didnt see the guy because Axl kept getting upset saying "right in front of your motherfucking face!". 5 guys were carried out after the incident. Axl threw down the microphone backstage during the bridge "you could be mine.. you could be mine..." (heard the loud boom) Tommy kinda laughed and said "ill take it.." and then Axl came back out and finished the song. NOT SITTING DOWN.

- before Think About You, Axl told the crowd that "today was Richard Fortus's birthday... say happy birthday boys and girls"...

- during the end of SCOM Axl and Robin came up front and stood shoulder to shoulder and leaned backwards, like they were in a contest to see who could lean back the farthest.. at the end of the song Axl said "ok i give up.."

- i saw the lyrics screen THE EXACT lyrics for Madagascar.. from Axls teleprompter are
" Mired in denial
And saw heartbreak"
" That we have the strength to choose
Ill free the ball and chain
We end together"

PLEASE do not argue with me about these.. these were what was on the teleprompter.

- HUGE incredible screams during LALD.. mindblowing!

- Axl was really playful with the band.. especially Tommy and Robin i noticed..

-GREAT response to Madagascar.. people went nuts for that song

- I GOT TO MEET DEL JAMES!!!! man has he changed i could barely recognize him haha.. hes bald now.. and alot pudgier than before.. he was wearing a football jersey and camo pants.. looked cool.

- Richard Fortus adds more solo guitar at the end of The Blues..very cool!


Axl: orange and white Tennessee jersey #15 (couldnt catch the name, and im not sure that it was tennessee.. all i know is it was orange and white haha i would like to know whos it was and what team it is tho if anyone can help.) with a long sleeved white shirt underneath .. black shiny basketball pants with 3 white stripes down the right leg... white tennis shoes... no bandana...before the fink solo he changed into a maroon,green,and blue hockey jersey (dont know who or what team)..

Robin: Regular black outfit as previous shows.. longer hair in back (of course the top was bald) than in recent pictures

Tommy: Black shirt... red checkered pants

Dizzy: regular GNR tank top shirt... black jeans

Brain: Black bucket hat... Black shirt

Buckethead: same outfit as previous shows

Chris Pittman: Black beanie hat.. white shirt... garage mechanic jacket .. blue jeans..

Richard Fortus: baby blue shirt... baby blue and other colors of blue checkered pants..


this show was absolutely fucking amazing.. from the time it began to the very last second it ended.. Axls voice and stage prescence is something ill never forget with this show ALOT better from the 12/29 show.. i really really hope this was bootlegged because this was an outstanding show.. this new band has settled the fact that IMO they are much better than the old.. they are tighter and more kick ass than ever before.. i cant wait to see them again. and FUCK ALL OF YOU WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT NO NEW SONGS.. thats bullshit.. these new songs they are playing now are new songs for pretty much alot of people in the audience.. (you shoulda seen the looks i got when i was singin along to em lol) things for sure.. once Chinese Democracy starts.. GNR willl be on top once again!!!

Jeff Shelden's Review

Just got back from Moline (2:40 minute drive in which I almost ran out of gas it is 2:53 AM)....

I had great seats thanks to a swap with Holtz. Fourth row on Buckets side. They played the same songs they've been playing...I'm sure we'll sort out the exact order later on...but a few notes.

Richord Fortus' birthday. He impressed me the most. Talk about a step up from Paul! I think he is better than Gilby and puts forth more energy onstage than Izzy appeared to from the videos I've watched of those days.

Axl sporting a Tennessee football jersey until the encore when he wears a hockey jersey for whatever team plays in that arena. Bucket head wearing all black with a navy blue apron tied around his neck like a cape. Robin in black. Dizzy sporting a gnr tank top.

Straight in intro video. Also no intro video for Out Ta Get Me later on in the night. After Brownstone Axl suggested that the crowd not throw stuff as they had some problems at a previous show where somebody hit the lighting board.

During You Could be Mine Axl was making a gesture with his hand and a ring flew off and into the crowd which prompted Axl to yell for Earl (during the song) and point him to the place where it landed. The security couldn't figure out who had it, even though Axl knew and was pointing the whole time. He got very pissed off that he had to keep yelling during the song. He ended up running offstage and then finishing the song sitting down and off to the side.

Axl started My Michelle with the second verse. When he got to the part where he was supposed to do the second verse he sort of mumbled through the words realizing his mistake.

Extended Paradise City Guitar jam as Axl had Fortus play the solos at the end instead of Buckethead.

Not a very good crowd. Place hold 10,000 and there was hardly anyone up in the second bowl. Didn't seem to get any reaction on the solos or Madagascar. Chinese got a little applause.

That is it for this write up...I may do something a little more formal later on, but I'm tired and Chicago is tomorrow. See you all on tour.

Eric Fitzpatrick's Review

Started out playing Jungle Then It's So Easy followed by Mr. Brownstone. It was somewhere during one of these 2 songs (I forget which one) where someone threw a beer towards the stage and soaked someone in the first couple of rows.

Axl then addressed the crowd and said something like this, (not a direct quote)"You know, at a show just the other day, we had some invisible nobody in the crowd who tried to ruin this concert for everybody by throwing a beer on the lighting setup here on stage. Then he says in a really whiney, nerdy, weasely voice, 'I'm invisible, I can gain power by ruining the concert for everyone.'" And then Axl says "Don't be a cunt and ruin this for everyone. I'm sure everyone here paid good money to see the show and want to have a good time." And the crowd cheered. "So lets have some fun."

And then they played Live and Let Die I believe right here Axl said, "Hey we're in John Deere country."

Knockin on Heaven's Door
Think About You
Robin's Solo and Sweet Child O' Mine

Then they played You Could Be Mine. Jeff had a much better view than me as I was on the other side of the floor. From my point of view it looked like someone pissed off Axl cause after the gesture into the crowd, he went directly in front of the guy and pointed and sang "YOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU COOOOOUUUUUULLLLDDDDD BE MINE" right at the guy in question. Then a security guy came from back stage and jumped into the crowd. And Axl kept saying, "No that guy. Right fucking in front of you. No no right in front of you. That fucking guy right in fucking front of you." I had no idea what was going on. I just thought someone was getting kicked out. Axl seemed kinda pissed afterward. He just hung out right there and went off stage during the solo. He came back on during the rant finale in the song, but he was just wandering around the stage.

Then he went off stage for Buckethead's solo. His nunchuck thing and robot dance was a lot shorter than I thought it would be. It was cool, but it wasn't all that it was hyped up to be. His guitar solo was wicked cool though, especially when he did that "slap bass" thing he does with his guitar. Then he passed out toys.

Next was November Rain. Axl did that thing a couple of times where he plays and stops abruptly and waits for the cheers. It didn't seem to be amusing him, and I wondered if he was still pissed from that thing earlier.

Out Ta Get Me

Then Axl says something like, the birthday boy, Mr. Richard Fortus likes to play a nice little funky intro for you" and Axl and Richard alternate a countdown 4...3...2...1 and start playing this funk thing that turns into Rocket Queen

The Blues
Chinese Democracy - there might have been mic problems here. It was difficult to hear Axl

My Michelle

Nightrain - here me and my old roomate are convinced that Axl pointed at us. Cause we were in the isle right in front of the right riser about 30-40 feet from the stage. Everone around us left and we were going nuts. And Axl looked at us and pointed at us. And Yes... we are really big dorks for saying this.

Then for the encore Robin does his solo and they end with Paradise City.

All in all a phenominal show. The best I've ever seen. There was more people there than I thought there'd be. Some of the upper tank was empty, just mostly by the sides of the stage.

Can't wait to see them in Chicago tonight.