Estadio River Plate, Buenos Aires, Argentina
July 16th 1993

Paola Frydman's Review

Hi Gunners!!

I think that we (Argentinian people who live in the capital city) are really lucky 'cos we have the opportunity to record almost all the Argentinian concerts from the radio.

That's because the owner of R&P international (the company which brings almost all the international bands) is the owner of R&P radio station.

I've listened to my Argentinian 7-16-93 tape where ya say that it's cut out, is where the radio named "Rock & Pop radio".


* Welcome To The Jungle--Because of the power failure, they had to stop playin' and when they began to play it again, they did it in the same place they left it. Really profesional.

* Double Talkin' Jive--This song was that long 'cos they showed scenes (on the stage screen) from the tv news (from that afternoon) where they showed how 40 policeman had entered to the hotel where the Gunners where at (Park Hyatt Hotel), because a stupid guy made a denunce sayin' that the Gunners have drugs. Of course thay didn't find anything. Axl's said about that episode: "I thought it was a joke" ('93). Gilby said something like: "Don't insult us, we ain't so stupid, we won't do shit. That won't let us come back to a country" ('94).

* Roadhouse Blues--can't fuckin' believe they played the intro of this song. They are great (as always).

* Mother (?)--Some of ya said that the song that they played before Paradise City, was called "Mother". Where did ya got this info?. The only thing I know is that this song is dedicated to the asshole that made that denunce. As Axl's sang: "uhuu baby, suck my deck..."

I prefer '93 GN'R concert compared to the '92 one. Just 6 guys on stage, ya know...anyway all of them have been great!!