Olympic Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden
June 12th 1993

- Aftonbladet

Slash in all honor, it is W. Axl Rose who is Guns N' Roses uncontested leader and charmer. It is also so that Axl has a little tottering mood. If he's pissed off it's nothing he hides for anyone and no one dares to say anything until you know it's ok. Saw Guns N' Roses in denmark this Tuesday, and you have had funnier on a rock n' roll-concert. After two years of touring would of course anyone play on pure routine, but that's not a good excuse to the audience that pays almost 300 crowns* per ticket. One encore they gave after a fuzzy concert.

This time Guns do two encores, but instead they do one less song (You have to sacrifice something is probably Axl discussing). They start with instead of like this Tuesday "It's So Easy", "Welcome To The Jungle" - a good choice if you want to warm up 30.000 cold swedes. Any promised mechanical monsters wasn't seen this time either, but Axl runs around like a maniac in his caorse leather-boots and flannel-shirt fluttering and favorises Duff, the bassist with diligent conversation.

Axl folds out the other homemade fanposter the audience hands him and goes over to Duff. - Would you take this and put it up on your bedroom-wall?, he says with brotherly teasiness. Relax, people. Axl is in a good mood! He giggles in high spirit when it's time for the semi-acoustic "unplugged" section, comments the helicopter that suddenly is circling above the stadium**, jumps around in a viking-helmet (is he making fun of us?) throws pizza-cardboards to the audience and later roses and at last is the michrophone going far, far away.

Axl is in a good mood and immeaditely the rest of the band looks as if they're having very fun too. Sometimes it's even extraordinaory good. Without being especially extraordinary musicians they know what they are doing and turns on, you kow, the air-guitar poses is there if you play in te world's most popular hardrock band. Or hardrock - "MTV says I've become a popstar", shouts Axl sarcasticly. "So we are a pop-band..." He doesn't like that.

But Guns N' Roses is probably, although drug- and alcohol problems and sudden outbursts, nowadays far away from anything spelled 'dangerous.' Guns N' Roses is a circus show of the 90's (finally pure alive: Axl, Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, Gilby Clarke and Dizzy Reed). On the stadium is parents and children gathered for a peacuful night, but most to see the myth. "The show must go on" sings Freddie Mercury in Axl's favorite band Queen while we're leaving the stadium and that's exactly what it's all about. Then can Axl say what he wants. But it was quite rude with that with the viking-helmet...

Place: Stockholm Stadium in Stockholm
Audience: 30.000
Length: Almost two hours
Number of songs: 17 including two encores

* Approximately $40.
** Actually he told the audience to put their middle fingers in the air. It was 30.000 attending...