Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico City, Mexico
April 24th 1993

Fernando Hernandez Barragan's Review

i was reading about the mexico city concert (second show 1993) and sadly i noticed that you don´t have pretty much info there, so here goes some, i hope it will be useful.

1. at the beginning of u are the first somebody throwed something to the stage, certainly nobody knows exactly what was that "something", but it is believed that it was an old Mexican coin. axl said fuck you, and the lights went off, 1 minute before axl talked via interpreter to the crowd saying how they are enjoying the concert and how it would be a waste to cancel it, so he asked to the crowd that if someone see somebody throwing stuff at the stage beat the fuck out of him! and you aint the first started once again.

2. they didn't play with wind section neither chorus, so, the band sounded more sincerely, faster and heavier than in other locations.

3. the crowd was extremely nice with gnr, they celebrated every move, scream, or solo, specially if it was from axl or slash. mexicans sang every songs almost as loud as the band´s sound even though the language differences.

4. everybody got crazy when duff saluted Mexico at the beginning of attittude: - hola como estan mexico city!

5. axl never changed his clothes during the concert. he used a red charles manson t- shirt and white pants.

6. the songlist was a little bit stranged including a rare acoustic but very ovationated november rain version, an unfamiliar you aint the first and the garden with lots of errors on it.

7. they did the same acoustical set with the sofa and domino´s pizza stuff described in other past concerts.

8. axl sung very well, but he seemed a little bit unhappy during the concert, he always ran at his backstage in every song loosing some lines doing it. he didn´t any effort to talk to the crowd or warm 'em even though the people was very receptive with him. on the other hand slash was terrific, he played like a god enjoyin´ the crowd's screams begging for a solo or a salute.

9. the coolest moments: when the crowd heard the first notes of it's so easy, when all the sports palace sang imagine and november rain with thousands of cigarette lighters, the live and let die solo, and of course when the band played welcome to the jungle, paradise city, knockin´on heavens´door, and specially sweet child o´mine and don´t cry.

10. gnr played infront of 25,000 persons almost 2 hours, in a smaller but very cool stage on a not very acoustic sports palace.

11. the tickets sold out in 24 hours.