The Palace Of Auburn Hills, Detroit, MI
April 13th 1993

Dori's Review

The show was on April 13th, 1993, on a Tuesday, at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Around 8:30 Blind Melon opened and played for about an hour and a half, leaving the stage around 9:15. The crew started to put up the stage and GNR were to start at 10:00. The biggest thing that was the coolest, was that they came on early, and started around 9:50, which for GNR in Michigan is rare but awesome. The show was great and since it was part of the Skin N' Bones tour, they pulled out the couch, and did an acoustic set. There was a pizza guy, but I am not sure which person it was, I was thinking though that since Blind Melon played, that it most likely was Shannon. All of the band was in a really good mood and they were dicking around the whole night, picking on each other, and chasing one another. I have more details if you would like, from my point of view, but I was trying to be as generic as possible. Oh, one more thing. Axl told a story about how the cops in Michigan are so nice to him and the band. Reason for it, is the night before Axl was at the Pistons game, and several cops sat with him to assure his safety (one of those cops happened to be a friend of mine).

George Manolias' Review [posted 4.14.93]

The band was definitely hot. On fire, in fact. They played for over 2 1/2 hours and generously cut across all 4 albums. Axl was carefree and happy, not in a pissy mood at all, and I think that helped things a lot. Song list was as follows:

Welcome To The Jungle (opener)
Mr. Brownstone
Live And Let Die
It's So Easy
The Garden
Reckless Life
Double Talkin' Jive
You Ain't The First (start of acoustic set)
You're Crazy
Used To Love Her
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
November Rain (end of acoustic set)
Dead Horse
You Could Be Mine
Nice Boys
Sweet Child O' Mine (closer)
Paradise City (encore)

The energy when "Jungle" started was incredible, and it stayed high throughout the show. There weren't any lapses or poorly-played songs. The band also changed up quite a few parts of their show, compared to previous concerts. "Double Talkin' Jive" was reworked. "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" now has a great middle section. It doesn't drag at all. "November Rain" was only Axl and Slash. No bass, backup singers, or synthesizers. There were new intros, too. No Pink Floyd bits, nGodfather, etc. Overall an excellent show, and having cancelled out the Detroit area twice last year, the band is now redeemed over here. If you have tix for upcoming shows, you are definitely in for a treat.

Axl didn't dedicate"Double Talkin' Jive" to Metallica, though. He pretty much left that issue alone, only referring to them as "that other band" and "the band we used to be friends with" when he talked about last summer's tour. Mostly he just had fun. When Duff finished "Attitude" (a Misfits cover, for those who don't know), Axl came out and asked, "Did anyone understand what that f*cker was saying?". He alsoos told a story of how Atlanta police had him confused with Vince Neil a while ago.