Fargo Dome, Fargo, ND
March 21st 1993

Axl Wows Fargodome
- The Pioneer Press, 3.93

About 20,000 screaming fans greeted Axl Rose and his bandmates Sunday night as Guns N' Roses performed the first fullscale concert in the Fargodome before the largest indoor gathering in North Dakota history. Axl and the boys got a standing ovation before they even set foot onstage. Rose wore a black T-shirt with a picture of Charles Manson on the front and the words "Charlie Don't Surf" on the back. Concession workers, having been temporarily abandoned, crowded in to get a glimpse. "Wow" said one of them, summing up the feeling of the crowd.

A young man with a pierced nose was startled by the thoroughness of the patdown searches at the gate. "Man, I've been to 10 concerts, and I've never been frisked this much," he said as his cowboy boots were peered into.

Police in North Dakota and Minnesota issued nearly 500 traffic tickets-most for speeding-in the area over the weekend.

Shawn Johnson's Review [posted 3.23.93]

G-n-R played here in Fargo on Sunday night. Here's my comments:

Brian May sounded great. He's got a great voice and sound. GnR came on only a half hour late. They opened with Welcome to the Jungle(see previous post for song list). Their "accoustic set" was in the middle of the show. The best moment of the night came when Duff kicked back his chair to jam, Gilby then gave his chair a shove, they then took turns kicking the chair apart in a game of one-upsmanship and ended in seeing who could hock the biggest "throat lozenge"(guess you had to be there). They ended after 2 hours and came back for Paradise City.

I was kind of disapointed in the show. After all the hype i had heard over them. I like the band but don't listen to them alot. I thought they seemed kind of tired, which is probably due to having a show in Iowa one night and one in N. Dakota the next and being on the road for a couple of years. I had 5th row seats so i got to see everything on stage (plus the tickets were free) so i shouldn't complain but they weren't anything near what i heard about them.

Also, after the end of the show they started throwing everything into the crowd ; drum sticks by the tons, handfulls of picks, and Axl chucked his mic halfway across the FargoDome.