Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT
March 9th 1993

Erin G's Review

Guns N' Roses, the infamous bad boys of Rock 'n' Roll finally made it here. Touring with them was the Brian May Band (founding member of Queen) who played a show filled with new music, and the old classics like "Tie Your Mother Down," and an excerpt from "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Surprisingly, G N' R got on stage fairly early, demolishing the people's opinion of Axl as a jerk who makes us wait. Although if he had made us wait, it would have been well worth it. G N' R put on one of the most rocking shows that I have seen in a long time. Good thing, they made up for all the times they passed us by or canceled out.

They included the ever popular "Sweet Child o' Mine" and "Paradise City." They did also trace back to the more obscure "Nice Boys," "Dead Horse," and "The Garden."

Their show was given an amusing twist when a couch was brought on stage and they "unplugged." That segment consisted of tunes mostly from the "Lies" LP. Another satisfying part was when Axl flipped a coin to decide if Slash did the guitar solo, or Matt played the drums. Slash won. Overall the show was impressive: Axl made it through without a temper tantrum, and the back-to-basics set-up of the much smaller stage made focus on the band and their music clearer.

I hope to see them return to Connecticut for another show sometime soon. We'd love to have 'em back.