Estacionamento Do Anhenbi, Sao Paulo, Brazil
December 10th 1992

Cristiano Goncalves' Review

It rained like hell that day, and there was water leaking on Axl's piano all the time, but curiously he didn't care and used it as a shower before "November Rain." Axl was arrested two days before for throwing a chair at local journalists at the Maksoud Plaza Hotel, because they were bothering him and his then girlfriend, Stephanie Seymour, and her child. He was released on bail a few hours later and during the show, via an interpreter, referred to journalists as small people who claim to be doing their jobs, when it's all their fucking responsibility if they wanna screw with other people's lives. That was said, surely, before "Double Talkin' Jive." The opening band was a local Brazilian hard rock band called Rosa Tatooada, not the original Rose Tattoo from Australia.