Astrodome, Houston, TX
September 4th 1992

Milan's Review

I saw GNR for the first time on the Metallica tour at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas September 4, 1992. It was an amazing experience. I had waited for this day for since the beginning of the Use Your Illusion tour. Here is my mini review of the show.

Guns hit the stage with Jungle. Slash was wearing a black T shirt that said "Fuck you, we're in Texas". Axl was running around like a madman in his kill your idols shirt. Duff was in a white denim suit.

Axl dedicated Double Talkin Jive to Act Up Houston, the pro gay group that was picketing the show over the four year old song One In A Million. MTV filmed this show and broadcast interview and concert footage from this gig as part of the 1992 VMA Opening act show. MTV also did a special on the GNR/Metallica tour called Live and Loud, and most of the footage used was from the Houston September 4, 1992 show. I believe that It's Alright from Live Era was recorded at the Houston gig.

GNR were also the top story of the local news! Local law enforcement were worried about riots and security was extra tight for the Guns show. After the show I remember being too excited to sleep and staying up all night in the hotel we were staying at. The wonders a GNR show will do for a 14 year old kids imagination! I'm surprised there are no boots of the Houston show in circulation. For those wondering since there are no recordings of the Houston show in circulation, it was your typical Summer of 92 show. Set list looked like this. Tunes may not be in the correct order.

Astrodome Houston, Texas September 4, 1992

1. Welcome To The Jungle
2. Mr. Brownstone
3. Live and Let Die
4. Attitude
5. Nightrain
6. Bad Obsession
7. It's So Easy
8. Wild Horses/Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
9. Patience
10. Double Talkin Jive
11. Civil War
12. It's Alright/November Rain
13. Band Intro's/Drum Solo
14. You Could Be Mine
15. Slash's Guitar Solo/Godfather Theme
16. The One/Sweet Child O'Mine
17. Only Women Bleed/Knockin On Heaven's Door
18. Don't Cry
19. Mother/Paradise City