Stade Du Parc Olympique, Montreal, Canada
August 8th 1992

Angry Rock Fans riot in Montreal
- Associated Press, 8.92

Crews worked Sunday to clean up Olympic Stadium following a rampage by heavy metal rock fans enraged when a concet by Guns N' Roses and Metallica was cut short.

At least eight police officers suffered minor injuries when they clashed Saturday night with rioters throwing rocks and bottles, police said. Twelve people were arrested and face charges ranging from disturbing the peace to assaulting a police officer.

Police said one girl was taken to a hospital after being shoved through a glass display case by the charging crowd. No other injuries were reported among spectators.

About 300 police wielding riot clubs chased rioters through streets around the Olympic Stadium and fired tear gas inside. They restored control early Sunday.

Witnesses in the crowd of 53,000 said the riot erupted as concertgoers left the stadium, which held the 1976 Summer Olympics. Lead singer Axl Rose halted the performance after 55 minutes because of a sore throat.