Alvalade Stadium, Lisbon, Portugal
July 2nd 1992

Ana's Review

I just stopped by to share with you people my life time experience of seeing a Guns ní Roses concert back in 1992. The concert here in Portugal was probably the most "waited" concert of the year.

All newspapers were announcing it, interviews were being published and the tabloids read "Rock and Roll heroes fly to Portugal next July the 2nd".

60.000 tickets were sold in a couple of days. I got mine through a friend but I had to pay extra money for it. ...

Everybody was pretty much curious to see how Axl would "behave" ! The TV even interviewed the hotel personnel!!!! They actually said that he was quite polite. :)

Anyway. . .

After 2 hours waiting (to me it seemed ages!) ..the lights were out and that bass sound starting.....drove the crowd crazy!

People were really excited and the first words Axl spoke were to say that that was a special day cause it was the "anniversary" of St. Louis riot. I remember him saying something like "excellent aiming I hope all goes well this time!".

Everything was going ok and I don't remember seeing Axl in such a performance. His voice was great and it showed that he'd been working out.

All of a sudden people started throwing empty bottles to the stage and playing around with fire and stuff. Eventually Axl fell .....and unbelievable... he sang live and let die and mr. Brownstone lying on the floor. !!!!!!!!!! (In the dead horse clip you can see Axl falling. He had red shorts and red jacket. That was from this concert) Then I saw Duff approaching him to see if he was hurt and I saw Axl's hand doing the ok sign. He got up after that and said "If you don't stop this we will go home!. I just don't want anyone to get hurt!" (I remember as if it was today!) That didn't work and people still kept messing around. He left and Slash began a solo that lasted forever... not that I didn't like it , but I was thinking about Axl!

Eventually... he came back as if nothing had happened and did the most amazing show I've ever seen!

However the majority didn't forget what he had said and the newspapers were very cruel to him the next day. I remember seeing one that had Axl on the cover with a pink ribbon saying "Axl is sissy". I felt so mad!!!

Everyone was saying how stoopid he was telling that they'd go home and stuff.. No ONE.. No ONE heard when he said "I JUST DON'T WANT ANYONE TO GET HURT!.... No one! . .. .No one except me!

Rui Barros' Review

i was at that show! Lisbon, 1992. the thing is that the Portuguese crowd is really raw...Mike Patton, while FNM were on stage, asked the crowd to fill up bottles with piss and throw them on stage! he even said it in portuguese (i guess he lived in brasil for a while).

so just before the gn'r show, the stage was full of bottles with piss!! 2 or 3 hours later (it's a gn'r show, right??) the band hit the stage with the ususal opener - it's so easy, and some dumb ass kept on throwing bottles..while Axl was getting to the front of stage running from one of those ramps they had near the drums, he step on some liquid and took a really big dive - you can see that on the dead horse video. he stayed layed down for the next 2 songs, insulting the crowd - brownstone, and live and let die. then he left and duff sang attitude and so fine.

well, a lot of people didn't knew that it was the usual set list - at least "attitude". so the press and some fans (especially the ones that didn't went to the show and just read the newspappers) were all over Axl, saying he was a spoiled rock star, and the he left the stage, and that duff had to sing 2 songs, blah, blah blah!

gn'r were really big at that time here. i remember that in 91/92 they had the 4 albuns on the top 20 here!! the illusions were topping the charts, then appetite and lies were also in the top 20!

even live era went to number 2 here, but gn'r were never the same here because of the show. i mean, sweet child o'mine and used to love her are still the classics at any rock club over here. and you hear gn'r at least 1 or 2 times a day on the radio. but everybody's like -" the show sucked, axl is a dick"...and those are guys that never went to the show!! now do you get all the anger on "get in the ring"?????