Estadio Benito Villamarin, Seville, Spain
June 30th 1992

Paco's Review

Hi my name is paco, i live in Seville and I went to this show. There is a very interesting and polemic story about it.

First problem.

As you know this tour was sold out almost in every city in Europe due to the amazing bill. Gund and rose was staring to be questioned some how by the fans for the departure of izzy and adler, and the inclusion of trumpets etc. in the band. but since the Guns had barely played in europe the expecttations were enormous and even more in countries like spain where they never have played before.

They had two shows announced in Spain. Madrid and Sevilla. Seville is not a very usual city in the circuit of international rock acts when they toue spain, they mainly go to Madrid and Barcelona or other cities. Seville is in the south, kind of far away and donīt have a strong culture for rock music. This is the hometown of flamenco music, so people and music is more oriented to strictly spanish staff. But this year the international expo 92, which was big event, was being celebrated in seville and the city had a continous fluid of people from everywhere they tried to do new things and the guns and rose show was the definetely the big surprise.

The first show was in Seville and two or tree days later Madrid. The tickets from madrid went sold out quick like in the rest of europe, but days before the show and after the seville show was celebrated a big problem in the cement structure of the stadium came out and they had to cancel the show, some kind of cemet illness, Aluminosis was the name.

What happend in seville was that they were not selling any tickets, like i said people in seville is not into rock and the big crow form madrid and other cities in spain had buy tickets from madrid show. Only about 4.000 people got the ticket from seville and now comes the incredible thing.

The promoter was sure by them the concert was going to be a disaster and start to sell the tickets in the street by less half of the price. You could find tickets everywhere out of the official selling points. Places like nightbars, records shops, radio stations or friends of yours, you could buy them really cheap, almost for free. I remenber a bar which give you free tickets if you order drinks, it was a completely unreal situation. The day of the show they were givin free tickets in the areas close to the stadium. Can you imagine the reaction of people in madrid and north spain when the show in madrid was cancelled a few days after that?

Finally the stadium in seville was full of people but only a few paid the real price.

Soundgarden was good and now comes the second situation

faith no more started the show playing real hard and mike patton giving insults to the audience in a punk rock acttitude in spanish. Everyone had drinks, and in Spain is never been many restrictions about alcohol in concerts, even less in seville which is not used to organizing big shows like this. Everyone started to trow things to the stage. All kinds of shits, cans, plastic bottles full, some glass bottles of beer, scraps. The most unbelievieble and dangerous rain you could imagine, the half of the stadium in front of the stage was trowing staff. Faith no more did not complain and seem to somehow enjoy this. They played two songs under the rain with mike patton saying all kinds of shit. Rain started to decrease and theay had a great show. It is an amazing memory

The Guns and roses crew took an hour to clean up the stage and axl was pissed off about that. He said something about it during the show. The Roses show was good although dissapointed in some ways , too much of axl egomania and many interruptions

Cheers, i hope you like the story