Thompson-Boling Center, Knoxville, TN
June 26th 1991

Charles' Review

I saw your listing for Bristol, TN 6/21/91. This show never happened. It was supposed to, but was canceled in favor of the Knoxville 6/26/91. I was at that show. It was amazing. However, Axl was in a pissed off mood. The best that I can remember is Skid Row opened around 8:00PM, and ended @ 9:00. Then we wait, and wait, and wait until 11:30 for GNR. They come out to Right Next Door to Hell, and then go into Brownstone. After that the order gets confusing, but I remember Live and Let Die, Perfect Crime, Sweet Child, You Could Be Mine, Civil War, Patience, Paradise City, and a really wierd version of November Rain, that Slash asked Axl to play, plus more. Axl ranted all night that the crowd sucked, but in reality everybody was just really tired, because it was well into the morning when things started warming up, and the crowd just couldn't be energetic @ 1:00 AM. I've searched far and wide for any Audio/Video, but have ended up short. I doubt that there are any. Oh well. By the way, my T-shirt said Bristol instead of Knoxville. Must have been a last minute change. I hope this helps. Rock on.