Capital Music Center, Grove City, OH
June 1st 1991

A.C.'s Review [posted 6.5.91]

Get In the Ring Motherfucker Tour 1991-1992

Stop #4 - Columbus OH

June 1, 1991

It was a nice day at Capital Music Center in central Ohio. 13,600 seats of the 15,000 seats were sold at $25.50. 11-12000 in advance. Skid Row Opened at 6:30pm on time. The reason of the early start was because of the complaints of local people bitching about the 'loudness'.

Skid Row did mostly stuff off the new album. They did play "I Remember You" and "Youth Gone Wild." The crowd wasn't too in to it, waiting in anticipation for the feature. Skid Row was done at 7:30.

We waited for an hour, and were just watching the chicks wearing very little in front of us. There were a lot of chugging contests around the seats, and the crowd killed time cheering them on, and drinking themselves.

8:30 Guns' n Roses opened with a tune from Nine Inch Nails. They then followed it up with "Nightrain." Other songs they did from Appetite included "Mr. Brownstone" and "It's So Easy." From Lies they played "Patience" and "Used To Love Her." Axl wore his jacket with the US flag on and sang "Civil War." They played covers of Wings/McCartney's "Live And Let Die," and Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door." They played a whole shit load of songs from there upcoming album Use Your Illusion, including "Pretty Tied Up," "Double Jive Talkin" (instant classic), "Estranged," "November Rain" (Axl on Piano), and "The Garden" (Alice Cooper).

Izzy had a 15 minute guitar solo and so did the new drummer Matt Sorum. Both kicked but. Slash kicked as usual. Izzy had main vocal's on some of the new stuff. Axl was a crowd pleaser saying something or another between songs, including cursing out the police and the mayor of the town for not letting them play late because 'it's to loud, to late'. The encore was "Sweet Child O' Mine," and the final encore was "Paradise City." The show ended at 11:05. It was worth every penny.

P.S. T-shirts $23-$26 , Hat $18, Pin $10. Souvenir Guide $15