Northlands Arena, Edmonton, Canada
May 25th 1988

Steve's Review

Some notes about the show:

* The Northlands Coliseum (aka Rexall Palace now), max. seating at the time was 17,500 for concert shows. The attendance for this show was approx. 2,500 (practically empty). I remember Axl looking at all the empty seats like 'what the fuck?' Nobody I knew, including myself, knew who GN'R was at the time, it was the first time I ever heard or seen anything about them.

* they played Paradise City. One guy I was with pointed out that this song wasn't half bad. The guitarist looked cool with the top hat on, he said it reminded him of Marc Bolan of T.Rex.

* a friend of a friend who had passes to meet Iron Maiden was supposedly mildy roughed up by Axl when walking back to us. He got in Axl's way while in-between two semi-trailers. It's kind of funny 'cause I believe this kid was the police chief's son or chief of one of the divisons. I didn't know him too well other than a couple of shows I attended with him and a handful of jam sessions.

* during the Iron Maiden set, Bruce Dickison picked a fight with an audience member. Maiden was very visibly upset with the turn out for the show.