Axl's Notes - Anaheim 2.10.88

From Rock Scene Magazine [June, 1988] -

RS: What are some of the select gigs that stick out in your mind?

Axl: The Celebrity Theater in Anaheim, both shows, the second show especially because we were on top of it. We played better than I think we've ever played, and I don't know why. It just felt good, the people were into it, and it wasn't so much that we knew all the people in the crowd. Perkins Palace, the first couple shows were more that way. Anaheim was, like, the crowd we didn't really know. It was a crazy show and... we just felt good. We cranked it out for over two hours, and that means going over...

You're not really rehearsing on the road, you're just playing your set, and when you're an opening band you're only playing 45 minutes. Then you gotta remember how to play the other songs that you haven't played. We pulled a couple songs out of the hat, and did both versions of "You're Crazy." That was just really fun to do, cause it wasn't something we had done before, just pulling things out of the hat the way we did. I got a security guard thrown out of the building. The security guards were actually so rough that night, they lost the contract with the building... I liked that. Everything went real smoothly. We had good sound on stage, which is rare.