Arena VFG, Guadalajara, Mexico
June 3rd 2007

Eber Santos' Review

Before Show

Guns N Roses finally returned to Guadalajara since his last presentation he gave along with Blind Melon on April 21, 1993, unfortunately on this occasion the Jalisco Stadium is not filled, but that would not happen since the Arena was insufficient to VFG More than 32000 people thirsty rock which brought together.

At 7pm was in the Arena VFG to avoid traffic on the road to Chapala. Around 8pm entered the compound, we took our places and we realised it would be a very long night, hardly were doing tests audio, lighting and video. The concert was scheduled to begin at 9pm with a group opener in Guadalajara, actually began at 9:30 pm and with a group called Evil Monterrey, which after about 4 songs went with the cries of "out! Outside! off! ". It seems that they were already accustomed to booing because they withdrew their instruments with all the calm of the world, lasted half an hour removing their teams.

At 10pm everyone expected to see Axl Rose on the stage, but not something fits, were putting another battery, another group telonero. Now it was the group called Nata de Guadalajara that the truth were equally unknown to the Monterrey played a little better, but nobody had gone there to listen groups novices, we wanted to Guns N 'Roses. This group I play many songs, about 8, almost seemed his concert and extended by nearly an hour. Above also calmly withdrew his team for the 11pm scenario was already clean and ready for what we were going.

Thanks to the newspaper El Norte in Monterrey, I knew they were going to leave late, but I never knew so late (I do not subscribe to the site of the newspaper and could not read the complete interview) also AXL is famous for making people wait for even to cancel their concerts just minutes before. It made the 11:30, and then in the absence of evidence of the group, people began to rechiflar to make waves, to remind mothers, at 12 a.m., and began to hear a rumor that even AXL was in the Instead, he was frightened by the city of Guadalajara in the hotel and did not want to leave. This infuriated people, many left believing that the concert was cancelled.

Then began the disorder, everyone aventando beer and soda and other liquids of dubious origin; becoming a fight between different sections of the Arena VFG. After a person is burned his shirt from Guns N 'Roses and people started to applaud and shout, and thus other all over the place repeated the scene even a flag of the USA was about to be burned but arrived staff security. The organizers of the event to see who had the disorder, announced by the sound "We appreciate your patience, the artist is already in the pipeline, the half-hour concert begins" and also said "Please do not avienten liquid audio console."

That communicated the only thing achieved was that people aventara more liquids and glasses to the audio console, and that people try to reach better place, as it already had many empty spaces of the people who did not stop to wait.

Also the songs that were at that time were very off as Rooster Alice in Chains, and that was almost a hymn of destruction to the attendees that aventaban objects, burned shirts, it jumped to other locations.

Security was exceeded by the number of people, and a large mass of people came forward to, it was fun to see people get off at ball generally to the area platinum, much slipping and falling drunk, and receiving blows from people who ran. In order to 12:45 am Axl and his group came out to calm the adrenaline, more adrenaline.

The Concert

First the lights were turned off, and people began to cry of emotion, there was a light that was illuminating the sand aleatoreamente when heard the chords of Welcome to the Jungle, and guitarist Robin Fink salio a scene, suddenly you two aventaron glasses of beer which only achievement dodge one, but continued playing, and Axl Rose sopresivamente appeared with his classic "You know where the fuck you are !!!", the song was a success.

Immediately after touched Its so easy, and everyone was excited with his fingers in the classic high shouting "Fuck off", then was followed by Mr. Brownstone, the response from the public was excellent, everyone was jumping and singing.

After a moment of apparent calm continued Live and let die, with the use of fireworks and people singing the choruses and the solos followed by Robin and Jam of the band at the moment Axl was not at the scene and every moment he could leaving scene to take liquids or anything else.

After continued Sweet Chile or Mine, and people still very excited, Axl proving that his voice was becoming even better in the years to more than 90. After the heavenly Knockin 'On Heavens Door, with thousands of people chanting the same song was truly incredible.

The guitarists Axl were to rise and played some very good solos. After that rang battery You Could be Mine (reminding Matt Sorum that my taste is better than the current drummer), with special effects such as fires and lights and the background images on the screens giant car racing was excellent after a moment of calm with a single piano Reed and then start The Blues, at the moment Axl salio charro dress and aventó half a minute after his hat to the public after it was followed by an excellent solo a duo guitarists Robin and Richard, and then continued with the power of Appetite for Destruction with the powerful get Take Me Out.

They continued with the mythical November Rain and everyone continued singing, followed by IRS and one of the popular Mexican song "Scratch off" and Dont Cry which was coreada by all.

My Michelle followed, and after Patience, song in which Axl take a moment to go dancing with his girlfriend Diane O 'Connor, which incidentally hiba very comfortable with pants and tennis and after continuous Nightrain.

Already at the end interpreted Madagascar, with images of the background Luther King, Gerras, politics etc., and sounds of Civil War. After that began the chords of Paradise City, which we all realized that the show was about to end, and I think this was the key moment of the show was because when people handle all the energy that you were, this song told many fireworks and at the end of the song all the sand I am awash with red and white paper.

At the end of the song Axl cry Baby!, Pease!, Guadalajara!, "Tequila!, Thank You!, Good Night!.

At the end the band together to say goodbye and the lights were turned off. People began to withdraw from the arena to the sound of your cover Mama Kin.

After Show

After the concert I know by local newspapers that staff of the Hotel where was staying Axl said that I am late to the show that was receiving a massage jaja, that if it is to be a true mystery.

Also downtown entertainment VFG Arena, which is owned by Vicente Fernandez, was closed by the City of Tlajomulco de Zuniga, then the delay of nearly three hours at the concert.

Three were imposed fines on the company organizing the event, Ocesa Jalisco, for a total of approximately 256 thousand pesos, around 26 thousand dollars.

The reasons for the fine were alteration of the schedule, because it obstructed aisles during the event and for inadequate security measures.