Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA
November 8th 2002

- Gordo

Hot on the heels of their first riot in ten years, Guns-n-Roses storm the Tacoma/Seatle area tonight for what has become the vitriolic kick-off of their N.American jaunt. Tacoma Dome marketing directors, confirm that Rose and co, are in Seatle, and the show is "on". In addition, the show is garnering so much attention the spokesperson "has been on the phone all day. I have never seen a show get so much attention, in fact the Rolling Stones, Tool, and The Boss never created such a hullabalo. It is the talk of the town. I've never seen anything like it--Television and radio stations from all over the country are here. It's crazy!"

Tacoma Dome spokesmen confirm that Clear Channel representatives told her airplane problems, coupled with weather forced the delay of Rose's arrival in Vancouver last night--which prompted the GM Place promoters to cancel the show. Rose, with delays, was expected to arrive in Vancouver at 9:00 p.m. and reportedly would have arrived at GM Place "no later than 9:45 p.m." stated a spokemen, leading to speculation of a "quick trigger to cancel by GM Place promoters." Conflicting reports continue to flood the internet, as skeptism surrounds official explanations of last nights wanton events.

Ticket sales in Tacoma are "brisk and have picked up dramatically today due to the publicity," stated a TacomDome spokesman. Tonights seating arrangement will accomodate up to 12,000 fans, and is similar to Tool's set-up last month. Over 7,000 tickets have been sold as of 2 p.m. pacific time, with lines forming at the booths. "We are expecting a sold-out show." Tacoma Dome officials have beefed up security in case Rose, noted for his eccentric nature, incites a riot.

Guns-n-Roses next event is in Boise, ID on Monday evening at the BoiseDome.